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LIBERA: a fictional story
A British boys choir embark on a 6 week, 21 city tour of the United States completely funded by an anonymous benefactor.

Names Songs Peppercorns


The story you will download from this site is fictional. No present or past member of LIBERA or family relation had anything to do with its creation. It is solely a work of the author's imagination. Any similarity to actual persons, places and events is coincidental.

It is written in screenplay format simply because I find it easier than the straight narrative style of novels. My only hope for this text version of the story is to freely share it with other fans and soon to be fans of LIBERA.

LIBERA'S long time followers will find familiar names used for the boys and adult support team. I have purposely not described the boys and used only first names for them so you may visualize any member, past or present, as these characters. The number following a choir member's name indicates his age in the story.

When a LIBERA song is required it is listed by it's title only. Not all songs are indicated to be used in their entirety. At three points in the story a Montage/Medley of songs is called for and you may use any song not on the list below. To create a playlist to use while reading, here is the order:

    Eternal Light and Medley
      (performed outdoors "a cappella")
    Libera (partial)
    Do Not Stand (partial)
    Far Away
    WNC Medley #1 (secular and pop)
    America the Beautiful (you'll get the idea)
    WNC Medley #2 (sacred and contemplative)
    Rest In Peace
    Going Home
    In Paradisum (instrumental)
    Abide With Me
    Sing For Ever

I've  sprinkled some  mums, mates, bloodys and blimeys here and there - probably gotten most of them wrong - so will entertain polite suggestions for corrections. And if that isn't bad enough; in Action Descriptions it's "soccer" and "bus", in British Character Dialogue it's "football" and "coach".

The incident  involving the character Liam and the peppercorns may sound completely preposterous but it is based, unfortunately, on something which actually happened to me while eating a very expensive salmon steak at a restaurant whose name I have happily forgotten. I was able to breathe just fine. Even finished the meal. But I could not speak a single word for almost 24 hours until the irritation subsided. I have since consigned decorative peppercorns to the floor.

If you wish to comment or ask questions please use the email address listed.


That is as simple and direct as I can put that.

Writing is a long time, fun hobby for me. However, when a group of exceptional people inspire a story so strongly, I cannot help but wish to share it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Most of the songs listed above can be found using the LIBERAafs playlist link here: 

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