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LIBERA: a fictional story
A British boys choir embark on a 6 week, 21 city tour of the United States completely funded by an anonymous benefactor.

LIBERA: a fictional story

I became a fan of LIBERA before the very first YouTube video of theirs I stumbled across was finished. Six months later I had the amazing good fortune to see them perform in person.

The autographed program from that Atlanta concert became the inspiration for a story I spent more than a year writing.

I believe it is conceived and structured to be enjoyed by Libera's management, the boys in the group, their families and Libera's many fans.

It is not meant to be biographical or documentary in any way. It is, as the title plainly states, "a fictional story".

If you are not familiar with LIBERA I urge you to visit their Official Web and YouTube sites.
While I am certain most of us would love to attend a Libera Concert at Washington National Cathedral in Washington D.C., I very much doubt it would resemble the one I describe here. My thanks to the staff at WNC for allowing visitors to explore its beauty and spirituality at their individual pace.
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